Great utility and great example of a well-designed user experience. Click the image to visit the site.


The Beauty of Data Visualization

Great perspective by David McCandless. Visualization provides proportional context as well as amazing aesthetics.

The Oak: We are All Americans

A brief post-election message of motivation from The “Austrian Oak” himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. One minute and a great grounding message for all of us.

Processing to Visualize Music

Matthias Dittrich has a fantastic portfolio. Worth a review if you’re interested in interactive design or data visualization. The images below are taken from an exercise he completed called Narratives 2.0 using Processing to visualize music. Code also available if you’d like to dabble.


Classic Example of Data Visualization

Representing complex information clearly can be a challenge in business. The following is a fantastic example of how information can be conveyed succinctly using a combination of constructs (color, time, temperature, population, and geography) to illustrate Napoleon’s March to Moscow in October, 1812 (if you’re a history buff, you can read more about the invasion here).

For context, the width of the band represents the size of his army (1 mm equaled 10,000 soldiers). The beige band represents his march to the capital, while the black illustrates his retreat. The temperature of the latter is plotted along the bottom. Incidentally, the temperature is shown in the Réaumur Scale which is condensed to about 80% of the Celsius scale (1 degree R = 1.25 degrees C).

Napoleon's March to Moscow - 1812

Money For Nothing – Riffs

Recorded some time back. This is the intro and some of the rhythm riffs to Money For Nothing (Took me a LONG time to nail this picking pattern – prefer to strum really).